Aimee to lobby Coventry South MP on Brexit

On Wednesday, I will be lobbying Jim Cunningham, the Labour Member of Parliament for Coventry South, with Our Future, Our Choice, and hundreds of young people from across the UK. We will be there to ask our MPs to give us a say on Brexit in a People’s Vote.

In 2016, Coventry South voted to remain, with 51.1 per cent of people choosing to stay in the EU.

Support for the EU has now risen even more, with 56.5 per cent of people there saying they would now vote to stay if there was another referendum.

My generation will be affected by Brexit more than any other – despite being overwhelmingly against it. We will end up poorer, and more isolated – despite many not even having a chance to vote in the 2016 referendum, a referendum that was won on the basis of undeliverable promises, and a campaign that broke the law.

This matters to our city, since 2007, Coventry has been responsible for managing £65million of European Union funding. including FarGo Village, development of the Belgrade area, and so much more. Data published in February by the University of Sussex’s UK Trade Policy Observatory shows that Coventry could lose 1750 jobs in a “Soft Brexit” scenario, and upwards of 3950 jobs could be lost if we drop out of the EU with no deal.

It is vital that we tell our MPs that they must do all they can to prevent it, or risk losing the votes of millions. On Wednesday we shall be doing exactly that – taking over parliament and letting MPs know how we feel. We are the future of this country: MPs would do well to remember that we are also their electorate.


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