Author: Aimee

I’m Aimee! I’m a Equality Campaigner, a Public Speaker, and an Opinion Writer. I volunteer for Stonewall – the UK’s largest LGBT charity, and Prism LGBTQ – Coventry’s LGBTQ+ Youth Group. I write opinion articles for a number of websites. I blog at I’m engaged to my partner, Nathaniel, who lives in Michigan.

Why the National Autistic Society were right to reverse their decision on award winning charity Mermaids

[Archive – Oct 2018] This week, in a move described as “worrying” by LGBT+ Lib Dems, the National Autistic Society removed all links to the trans youth charity Mermaids from their Gender page. Yesterday they reversed their decision and apologised. As a trans person with autism myself, I know it’s crucial that signposting to proper support is essential.

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