Aimee is a passionate, organised and driven individual. Through my work with her on the LGBTIQ Greens committee, I have come to know her as a brilliant communicator and the connections she has made have been invaluable to our campaigns. As the chair of the committee, Aimee has been supportive, organised and facilitated ideas from both the committee and the members. This has been key in our campaigning and group engagement.

Lee-Anne Lawrance, February 12th 2016

They have given evidence on tg [transgender] policy just about everywhere and so have had a huge impact on Government, commercial and third sector policy across the UK as well as a massive impact on the focus and priority of Stonewall itself. This has to be a far more influential role than that of any backbench MP. 

Mumsnet user ‘Needsmoresleep’, July 11th 2019