About Me

I’m Aimee, I’m a young woman with a trans background. I campaign on Equalities issues, particularly those affecting the LGBT+ community, and disability access issues. I am passionate about public transport and aviation, I want it to be easier for people to get around, both locally and globally, and for the travel sector to reduce it’s climate impact.

I’m a politician, having risen through the ranks of the Green Party of England and Wales to being their Equalities (LGBTIQA+) Spokesperson, and sitting as the Publications Coordinator on the Green Party of England and Wales National Executive.

I left the Greens in September 2018 and joined the Liberal Democrats where I campaign on a much more local level in Coventry. I’m also fundraising for Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 US Presidential Election campaign.

I’m engaged to my partner Nathaniel who lives in the United States, and I look forward to marrying him soon.

I speak openly about my experiences as a young trans woman, and as a person with autism and oppositional defiant disorder. I’ve been interviewed on many occaisions for a number of T.V. Programmes, Newspapers, and Websites.

In my spare time, I enjoy computer and console games, and photography.