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Here are Aimee's stances on some of the issues that affect us in today's society.add to this area of the website from time to time as requests for Aimee's stance are recieved.

This is just a snippet of what Aimee and the Green Party stand for.

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We add to this area of the website from time to time as requests for Aimee's stance are recieved. You might also be interested in some of the pledges Aimee has made on the Pledges page.


Standing up for our Arts and Museums

Public support for the arts is part of a civilised society.

Aimee will fight to increase government arts funding by £500 million a year to restore the cuts made since 2010 and reinstate proper levels of funding for local authorities, helping to keep local museums, theatres, libraries and art galleries open.

Aimee supports initiatives to make the arts and sports accessible to all.

Standing up and supporting Coventry 2021

Aimee is pleased to see Coventry as a candidate city for the 2021 City of Culture and is proud to back the bid.


Standing up for Votes at 16

Aimee believes that we should empower 16 and 17 year olds to have a say in their future, so would push for them to be able to legally vote in Elections and Referendums.

Standing up for Regional Democracy

The previous Government has pushed onto regions, Combined Authorities. These authorities are meant to devolve control of certain topics to a more local level, but the only way people get their say on them is through the elected mayor, Aimee supports each Combined Authority getting an Assembly, similar in function to the London Assembly, so that residents are listened to and have proper representation on each authority.


Standing up for free education

Education is a right, and nobody should have to put themselves into debt just to broaden their horizons. Aimee supports scrapping University fees. Aimee will also push for maintenance grants to be reinstated, so that the poorest students can get the support they need.

The NUT's #Vote4Education campaign asks a number of questions of candidats in the General Election 2017:-

  • Aimee is opposed to per-pupil School Funding Cuts and has signed the NUT/ATL pledge.
  • Aimee has pledged to support the NUT School Funding Campaign locally.
  • Aimee is pleased the Green Party have pledged an additional £7 Billion to education.
  • Aimee campaigned locally against education cuts durring the last parliament.
  • Aimee pledges to oppose the 'Bedroom Tax' that forces people further into poverty.
  • Aimee has was opposed the the scrapping of the Educational Maintenance Allowanceis pleased the Green Party have pledged to end fees and restore grants.
  • Aimee is opposed to increasing selection in schools, openning new grammar schools or streams.
  • Aimee does not believe that increased selection in schools is a way forward.
  • Aimee pledges to oppose any form of educational selection in Coventry schools.
  • Aimee supports the 'More than a Score' coalition and the Green Party have pledged to abolish SATs.
  • Aimee will support the 'Bacc to the Future' alliance the seeks a place for arts subjectsthe secondary curriculum.
  • Aimee will oppose the publication of high stakes league tables which distort and narrow the curriculum.


We're seeing a climate crisis, irreversible damage is being done to our home. We need to take serious action on climate change by working with other countries to ensure Global temperatures do not rise beyond 2 degrees.

Standing up for Cleaner Air

We all have a right to breathe clean air. Living in the centre of Coventry, I’ve often stepped outside my front door and breathed in nasty, dusty, heavy air. In the UK in the 21st century, 40,000 people are still being killed by air pollution every year.

Aimee will stand up for our right to breath clean air. Greens will invest in better walking and cycling routes to make it safer, easier, and more pleasant to get about by bike. We will cancel the expansion of airports such as Birmingham and Heathrow and use that money instead to invest in the much needed upgrading of public transport routes all over the country. And we will campaign to remain at the heart of the EU which has been at the public’s side in demanding the clean up of the air in our cities.


Standing up for LGBTIQA+ Rights

2017 has already been a turbulent year for LGBTIQA+ rights. LGBTIQA+ people across the globe are facing state-sanctioned torture, abuse and murder. Donald Trump is repealing and removing protections for LGBTIQA+ people, and the UK Government is following suit by threatening to repeal the Human Rights Act.

The Green Party have long been at the forefront of advancing the rights of those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and non-binary, intersex, queer, asexual and aromantic, as well as other sex, sexuality and gender diversities (LGBTIQA+).

We stand up for acceptance, a more equal economy, and a fairer society. We’re proudly fighting for bodily autonomy for intersex people, for legal recognition for trans and non-binary people, for PrEP for all that need it, and for greater protection for LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers.

Read our LGBTIQA+ Manifesto for more!

Standing up against Hate Crime

Aimee supports a review of current Hate Crime legislation to ensure greater protections, and to ensure that every Protected Characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 is protected from Hate Crime.


Standing up for a final say on the Brexit deal

Aimee backs a second referendum once the Article 50 negotiations have concluded to give voters a choice on the final deal. Many people voted leave for a variety of reasons, and Aimee believes it is only right, in the spirit of Taking Back Control, that it is everyone’s ability to vote on the final outcome and future for our country.


Standing up against Privatisation

Our NHS is the most effective public service that we have ever created. But competition has poisoned it and privatisation is eroding it bit by bit.

That’s why we need to take the profit motive out of healthcare and restore a public NHS that will last for generations to come.

Aimee would fight for an end to the creeping privatisation of the NHS and repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

This will put a publicly funded, publicly provided health service free at the point of use, back into the public hands.

Standing up for Mental Health Services

There has been an alarming rise in mental health problems in recent years, especially among young people. According to NHS England, mental illness accounts for 28% of illness but only 13% of NHS spending. In the course of a year, one in four adults experiences some form of mental ill health. If you have diabetes there’s a 92% chance you’ll get treatment. If you have a mental illness, that chance goes down to 28%. Around 70% of prisoners have two or more mental health conditions. Aimee knows mental health should be given greater priority.

Aimee and the Green Party will:

  • Ensure that spending on mental health care rises within our overall commitment to increase real spending on health.
  • Ensure that no one waits more than 28 days for access to talking therapies.
  • Ensure that everyone experiencing a mental health crisis, including children and young people, should have safe and speedy access to quality care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Stop the use of police cells as ‘places of safety’
  • Ensure that everyone who requires a mental health bed should be able to access one in their local NHS Trust area, unless they need specialist care and treatment. If specialist care is required, then this should be provided within a reasonable distance of where the patient lives.
  • Implement a campaign to end the discrimination and stigma associated with mental health through supporting the Time for Change programme and offering employment support to those with mental health problems.
  • Invest in dementia services, ensuring that support is available for all affected by this debilitating disease, including families and carers.
  • Improve access to addiction services, including both drugs and alcohol addiction.


Standing up for a living rent

An average person spends half their pay on rent, evictions are at an all-time high, with over 20,000 households evicted due to insecure tenancies, and nearly one in three private rented homes falls below the very basic ‘Decent Homes’ standard.

Aimee would push for rent controls, to stop landlords increasing rents above inflation. She would push to hand mayors and councils the power to cap or even cut rents. She will also fight to reduce insecurity by scrapping the hated ‘Section 21’ no-fault evictions. Tenants will have secure, indefinite tenancies as they will soon have in Scotland, and already do in other parts of Europe. This means as long as a tenant is holding to their contract, it is their home to live in.

Standing up for council and social housing

Since 2010 housing associations and councils have built an average of just 26,000 social rent homes a year, but numerous independent estimates say we need to build/renovate 100,000 social rent homes a year.

Greens would provide an extra 100,000 social rented homes a year, this would cost an estimated £8bn a year. Providers use the average grant of £80k per home along with borrowing against the future rental income – the grant plugs the gap because the (social) rents are really low. We would find some of this by trimming the generous tax breaks given to landlords, worth several £bn per year. But the policy actually pays for itself by reducing the housing benefit bill. A study by city economists in 2015, updated since Brexit, found it would reduce public debt by £0.9 trillion over 50 years

Standing up for homeless people

Aimee takes seriously that everybody has a right to a home and provide ‘housing first’, rather than withholding it to ‘less deserving’ people and those seeking treatment or with complex needs. Greens would stop declaring people ‘intentionally homeless’ and so ineligible for help and guarantee single homeless people support.

As insecure tenancies are the most common cause of homelessness, worsened by benefit cuts. Greens would improve security of tenure, and scrap the punitive housing benefit cuts that leave people without an option, and provide more social housing.

Standing up for first time buyers

Labour and Tory governments have stoked prices by giving investor landlords tax breaks, and first-time buyers lots of subsidies, adding a lot more demand into an overheated market. The best way to help young people buy a home is to stabilise house prices, so they can afford them, and to stabilise or cut rents so they can save a deposit.

Aimee backs community-led solutions like Community Land Trusts, cohousing and co-operatives, letting people take a stake in their home or co-op and keeping the homes permanently affordable.

Standing up for the green belt

Aimee is massively supportive of keeping the Green Belt to avoid sprawl, and supports periodic reviews to stop new development ‘leapfrogging’ into open countryside. Any land taken out should be replaced, and efforts should be made to improve the habitats in the Green Belt, including our agricultural policies.

Aimee wants to see more development on brownfield land, but she knows it can also be some of the most species-rich, biodiverse land in the country. Aimee would take an ecological approach to this, requiring the council to look at the ‘vacant’ land in Coventry and choose sites for housing that are best in terms of habitats, transport connections, open space, and so on.


Standing up for affordable fares

The increasing rate of travel costs is appalling. Private profit is being put ahead of public service. Aimee is standing up for a travel system that is accessible, reliable, safe, and affordable. Aimee would fight to reduce the current cost of bus fares and ensure that it does not increase above the rate of inflation in future.

Standing up for light rail

It is important to consider looking at other travel options including light rail trams around the most frequent routes in the city, these could easily be powered through electricity, and would be quieter and greener than our current buses.

Standing up for a nationalised rail network

Britain was the first country in the world to build a railway system. But it was also one of the first to close lines and stations and then privatise the trains. We need proper public transport that takes us where we want to go, affordably and reliably.

Aimee and the Green Party would:

  • Return the railways to public hands to stop profits being put before passengers.
  • Introduce an immediate cut in fares of 10% to give passengers a much-needed financial break.
  • Promote walking and cycling to help reduce pollution and improve people’s health.

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