About Aimee

Aimee Challenor is the Green Party candidate for Coventry South in the 2017 UK General Election.

Born and raised in Coventry, she’s been fighting for a better future for Coventry residents for several years on a variety of issues, including better transportation, equalities, and standing up for our NHS. She’s also involved in a number of local Equality organisations including Prism LGBTQ, and Coventry Pride. In March 2016 she received an award from the High Sheriff of the West Midlands for her cultural contributions.

On a National level, Aimee is the Green Party’s Equalities (LGBTIQA+) Spokesperson, pushing for equal rights up and down the country. Aimee volunteers for National LGBT Charity - Stonewall, on their Trans Advisory Group, and talks on trans issues around the country.

Aimee strongly believes in advocacy of gender equality and LGBTIQA+ rights, and opposition to Austerity and TTIP. In her spare time, she enjoys Photography, Gaming, and Camping.

Published and promoted by Baloo Challenor for Aimee Challenor and Coventry Green Party, all at 58 Charterhouse Rd, Coventry, CV1 2BJ, UK.