Sadly, recent events in my family have necessitated a number of statements from myself, both in regards to those events, and my role in Public Life.

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I write for the HuffPost UK Blog

I write on a semi-frequent basis for the HuffPost UK Blog. I typically write about issues facing the trans community, or about Green Politics.

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In the Media

From the BBC to TIME...

I speak openly about my experiences as a young transgender woman and have done a number of press interviews not just about my own experiences but also talking about general Trans or LGBTIQA+ Equality.

In the Media

Fighting for our Human Rights and for our Planet

I'm a strong advocate for action on Climate Change and Pollution, many people have seen the damage to our environment through the BBC Programme Blue Planet, and are driven to make changes to help safe our Ocean life. I'm also a large campaigner for Human Rights and LGBTIQA+ Equality. I'm hoping to add to this website soon, a page about my campaigning, including ways people can get involved.